Garage Door Openers

Our company resolves all kinds of problems affecting garage door openers, from motor failure to rail damage and broken moving gears.

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Fixing and Replacing Hardware Parts

The hardware components of the opener are made from galvanized steel just like those of the garage door. They are strong and durable, but this doesn’t mean that they can never give you a hard time. An inaccurately set closing force could cause the rail to bow upwards, for example. Count on Garage Door Repair Lake Zurich to make the required readjustment and to repair the rail. A broken trolley will make the entire opener system practically worthless. The motor will work, but the door won’t move. We will replace the broken component with a new one with the same specs and ensure that it works reliably. The drive is less likely to give you a hard time. Usually, when you have a malfunctioning metal drive, it requires cleaning and lubrication to start working optimally again.Garage Door Openers

Solving Problems with the Motor and Electronics

The motor is highly unlikely to fail. The same applies to the circuit board. If any of these happens, however, our company is available to replace them. Issues with the hardware inside the motor unit are more common. More specifically, the main moving gear, which is made of plastic, is at greater risk of breaking. If this happens, we will replace it with a matching one. Failure of the safety sensors is an extremely serious issue which requires a quick solution. We will inspect and test the sensors to find the cause of the problem. Sometimes, cleaning and readjustment are sufficient for restoring the work of the sensors. If they have failed completely, rely on us to replace them.

Fast Opener Replacement

Advanced age, poor performance and extensive damage are among the main reasons why homeowners decide to replace their garage door openers. Our job is to carry out the project quickly and professionally. We will assist you in selecting the right garage door opener for you. We’ll explain the different types available in the market and guide you to deciding on the ideal features for you, given your needs and budget. After removing the old components, we will install the new opener system, adjust all settings and program the controls.

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